Integrated Working

At its core, the Future 4 Me programme sought to radically improve the support available for young people with the most complex needs. To do this we recognised that we needed to think differently about our ways of working and part of our approach to this was developing effective models of ‘integrated working’ – working together effectively to achieve better outcomes with the ‘client’ at the centre. In this section we highlight two quite different ways in which we successfully achieved this.

Why is Integrated Working Needed?

In a landscape where public funds are limited, many services are under pressure to deliver ‘more for less’. There are potential efficiencies to be gained by working across teams or agencies, and by creating new partnerships. With many contracts in the support sector being short term, building and maintaining teams with the right balance of experience and skills can be challenging, and bringing in expertise from other sectors which enjoy greater stability can be an attractive option.

See this film about a young person's experience in their 'Establish' flat.


In the [Establish] project, a corporate/charity partnership has been developed to deliver specialist Employment, Education and Training (EET) support linked to affordable housing to care leavers. We examine the challenges of bringing together organisations with different cultures to achieve a common goal.

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Multi disciplinary teams

Multi-disciplinary teams can offer young people a quicker and more effective route to specialist support, but they are often perceived as complicated to recruit and manage. In this section, we review the Future 4 Me team model and compare it with two other examples of multi disciplinary teams working with vulnerable people, to see what can be learned about this model.

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‘There has never been more media focus on the state of  mental health in the UK, or the amount of pressure on NHS services. Our work explores how non clinical interventions to promote positive mental health can offer young people accessible help when they need it.’

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